Ares Slots Takes You to Ancient Battlefields Where Great Treasures Can Be Claimed

Play online slot machine Ares: The Battle for Troy and rewrite the pages of history while you make your great fortunes. In this game, the goal appears to be simple and straightforward, but it is still a challenge to actually claim your treasures, because a big battle first needs to take place on the slot reels.

To get the all silver and golden coins that you desire so much, you need to travel back in time to the ancient City of Troy. At this city, a legendary siege is going to take place, and you will be joining the soldiers that try take down its defenses.

A strong body armor, a safe helmet, a big shield, and a fierce weapon are essential attributes for staying alive during the clash, and a talent for spinning the right reels is essential for becoming rich in this 5 reel and 243 pay line game.

Take on the Role of Ares and Loot Yourself to Richness

The Greek war god Ares plays a central role in this Greek mythology themed slot title. He is active on the battlefield, but unlike the other fighters, he does not care so much about the outcome of the battle in this game.

All he cares about is looting treasures during the chaotic siege, and that will also be your objective while playing Ares: The Battle for Troy. That makes sense, because in the end, you are also driven by the desire to return home with the cash.

Mighty Symbols and Features in the Game

The famous Trojan horse functions as the scatter in this slot title. You need a minimum of three scatter symbols to activate the Trojan horse bonus game. The animated soldier attribute acts as the wild. You will find this substitute icon on reels two, three and four. Other wealth enhancing symbols in the game are for example the shield, the helmet and a variety of numbers and letters.

Activate the reels and their symbols with a push on the spin button, or conveniently hit auto play and sit back to watch the events play out on your screen.

This game offers an all pays play style, which means that you have 243 possibilities to make a winning combination. It also lets you claim multiple prizes on the same slot reel so losing is not an option in this epic and action-packed casino adventure.

Prepare Yourself for the Battle, The Victory and a Wealthy Life

Are you ready to take on the challenge of Ares: The Battle for Troy Slots? Then make sure that you use the right game play tactics, because a successful and smart general always wins before the fight starts.

Also, remember that practice makes perfect. If you are not yet sure about your skills, then you can always develop your winning tactics in the fun mode first.