Ancient Thunder Slots

Ancient Thunder Slots is an intriguing name for a game, don’t you think? It is also the name of a game based on Keno, so if you are looking to switch things up a bit from the world of slots – if only for a while – this could make a nice change. Don’t worry if you haven’t played Keno before, or if you think it doesn’t interest you. The ancient theme in play here, with lightning bolts, pillars, and other features, is intriguing and entertaining, for sure.

Ancient Thunder presents you with a grid filled with 80 numbers, all depicted on stone squares. You will also see mentions of Zeus Slots , Poseidon, Helios, and Athena on the left, all Greek Gods Slots , so that tells you which part of history and myth we are dealing with here.

You get the addition of Wheel Bonuses, free games complete with a multiplier, and extra draw potential with the help of those Gods. You can take time to read the information given, or focus on making a quick pick and free demo game your target. This means you can practice while you play, and that could be the best way to find out how good the Ancient Thunder Keno game is.