Magic Mine Slots

The Magic Mine… now that sounds intriguing to us, and well worth a look, we reckon. Magic Mine is not your traditional slot game either. Instead, you get a large 7 x 7 grid, and your aim is to use your skill to swap icons that are next to each other. In doing so, you must try to match three or more identical icons to win prizes. Whenever you get matching ones, they disappear and the ones above them will drop down to fill their places. New ones are then generated at random to complete the vacant spaces above them.

Now, the idea behind Magic Mine is easy enough, and you may even recognize it as you begin to play. But do take the time to play a few demo rounds before you do anything else. This is because you can get the hang of things far more easily like this. And remember, this is based on skill and not just a random generator or anything else. This is what makes Magic Mine a magical game to play, as you do stand a chance of winning more if you play sensibly and smartly.

Your challenge is to collect as many diamonds from the mine as you can, and you get seven moves in which to do it. Keep an eye on the prize indicator to the left, as this shows your progress. There are special icons involved as well, so check out Magic Mine today and take it for a practice spin.