Total Overdrive Slots

You never can tell what a theme might hold in store for you in an online slot game. We’ve traveled far into the future and way back into the past, and here we get another chance to visit the future. Total Overdrive has something in common with traditional slots, yet it carves its own path in providing a different take on what can be done with a slot game. Confused? You won’t be once you have read our slot game review for Total Overdrive, starting now.

Who is the software developer that created the game?

Total Overdrive comes from a little outfit called Betsoft… yeah, we thought you might have heard of them! They are famed for 3D slots but this one doesn’t fit that category. It’s a great 2D effort though, for sure.

Betsoft is reliable in providing us with a demo to check out

It is rare to find a Betsoft slot game that doesn’t have a practice version to try. You can check this one out before you decide whether to place real wagers on it too.

More about the theme

We suggested this one might have a futuristic theme, yet it doesn’t send us too far ahead in time. There are computer-style graphics giving depth to the game too, with a grid that uses fast-moving lights on it to keep things interesting to look at.

Design features you should expect to spot during play

The neon feel to this slot goes well with the futuristic city theme. The background sometimes fades into obscurity, but that isn’t the case in this slot game. You get plenty of detail and it does well to engage you as you play.

Get down to basics with Total Overdrive slots

This is a three-reel game, but it does have a 3 x 3 format in play rather than the usual single-line format. You won’t see a progressive prize above this reel set though. One thing you will see is the Overdrive Multiplier feature, which appears in the triangle with lines inside it on the right side of the game screen. Whenever you get a prize, the multiplier rises by 1x. It begins at a base level of 1x and if you got enough wins in a row, it would rise to the maximum of 10x.

The slot game does have a substitute icon too. Look out for WILD – yes, it’s that easy to find it. Everything else used in the game can be replaced by this. The wild can also pay out 50x your line bet if three of those icons appear on the line in question.

Payline quantity in play

You get five lines here, which is good to know for a three-reel slot.

Which bets you can choose to use in the game?

The lines are all fixed, so you need to choose one bet amount to play on each spin. The smallest one is ideal for small budgets as it is worth just five cents. You can also choose from several other values, going to the maximum of $10.

The game has a good paytable as well

It does, and it gives you the chance to see what the various symbols look like before you play. It also explains more about the wild and that multiplier feature.

Speaking of the multiplier…

This feature also has a random bonus that could occur anytime the multiplier is triggered. Whenever you score a prize, the multiplier is triggered. However, on occasion, it may randomly become a Sticky Multiplier. This means that whatever value the multiplier is shown at when it happens, it remains on that value for the following eight spins. Even if your next spin – or any spin within those eight – results in no prizes, the value stays the same. That would be great if you got it up to 10x at the time it triggered, wouldn’t it?

Free spins are not part of the action in this slot

They are less likely in three-reel games anyway, but it is clear the multiplier feature is the big attraction here.

RTP details for the slot game

Betsoft has provided a return to player worth 96.92% here, which is certainly respectable.

Our rating for this new Betsoft slot game

This is a good game to try, and we’re certainly giving it 7 out of 10 points. It is not as complex as many of their five-reel slots, of course, but it ranks way above many of their other three-reel efforts.

Potential winners take note…

There are various prizes on offer if you can match up enough symbols here. However, the best outcome in Total Overdrive is to get 1,450x your wager. That would be cool, indeed.

Play the demo to experience Total Overdrive for yourself

Is this going to captivate you? Try the demo to see how that multiplier element works.

Betsoft casinos are offering this slot to play for real

Are you already a member? Could this be a good reason to sign up to a casino offering Betsoft games?

Play on mobile as well

Casinos offering a mobile version should also offer this game, as it has been designed to work across all platforms.