Eat Them All Slots: Eat them Before they Eat you

Eat Them All Slots is a five reel and nine pay line video slot game that just might have you second guessing Mother Nature. You may see a charming and thriving garden when what are really there are plants that desire flesh, human flesh. There are a bunch of added features that set Spinomenal apart from the rest, like the Scatter Bonus and the Winning Multiplier. Spinomneal Slots is a new and exciting name in the iGaming industry. They are proud to present more than 40 games to players. Eat Them All Slots is available on desktop browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera. This slot is also available via the mobile forum, Android, Apple iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry OS.

The symbols used in Eat Them All Slots include creepy and evil plants. All have teeth and look wicked. The high playing card symbols are also used. The real uniqueness in Eat Them All is the Winning Multiplier. The gauge is directly on top of the reels and it fills up with every non winning spin. As you progress through you will trigger multipliers that will add to your wins. Once the gauge is triggered, the Winning Multiplier gauge is reset and you can start over again. The Scatter plant will trigger ten Free Spins regardless of its position on the reels. The Wild plant replaces any of the symbols except for the scatter.