Scattered Skies Slots: Forget the Pay Lines

Scattered Skies slots is by Spinomenal and promises to take you out of this world. All of the pay lines have been removed in Scattered Skies slots and have been replaced with 12 combination scatter wins. This simply means keep clicking and every combination of 5 or more wins! There are four reels but there is no jackpot because the symbols do have their own multipliers. In addition, if you don’t win after five consecutive spins, you get unlimited free spins until you do win. The theme of this slot game is outer space and the different planets. The coin size ranges from two cents to $200.

The symbols in Scattered Skies include Earth, Saturn, Comet, and a multitude of other planets. Five or more of the comet symbols pays 500xs your bet. The winning free spins meter advances by one each time you have a non winning spin. Once the meter is full, 5 consecutive non-winning spins free spins will be triggered. If you get a win on the first spin, however, the round is over, and the meter will reset. Scattered Skies slots is available for download, in the instant version, or from your mobile device.