Manga Money Slots

Mange Money Slots Game is a Classic three reel slots machine and you can play with one, two or three coins. There are two major characters symbols that give the best wins, the green faced one comes up quite often, the blue faced one not as often but give the highest wins.

The highest payout is 3 of the blue character, if you play one coin the payout is 1,000, 2 coins its 2,000 and three coins is 4,000 coin payouts.

Playing Manga Money Slots

On a three reel slots game the number of coins to be played is three the minimum bet is .25c and the maximum bet is $15., this game lends itself to a higher bet and gives a higher reward.

The green Character comes up quite often and gives wins for 1, 2 or three on the reels. Other symbols are the bars, single, double or triple bars each have their own payouts, check the table on the right of the reels. The triple bars if you get three on the reels is the second highest paying symbols.

There are no wilds, scatters or bonus round, the slots game is simple and easy to understand. A good game for beginners and experienced players, many gamers prefer the simple three reelers as its easy to bet high and win high.


You can autoplay the games using the small icon next to the email icon on top of the screen, set your autolay from 5 autospins climbing in increments right up to 100 autospins.

Try Your Luck

After every win a gamble button comes on at the bottom of the reels, click on the gamble button and you are taken to a new screen and presented with a choice of black or red to doubling your money, or you can choose a suit and if you win you will quadruple your money. If you win you can choose to take a second or third gamble or collect your winnings. If you lose then you are returned to the game with a loss.

The graphics on the game are bright and cheerful, and the reels spin fast which some players love. Set on autoplay the game progresses fast and adds wins to your account quickly.