Cashlantis Slots

Atlantis is a fabled lost world, and since no one knows where it lies today, no one can quite be sure if it ever existed at all. Maybe it did, and has since fallen into myth because much history has passed. But today, we have a new perspective on Atlantis, because Cashlantis has been created as an instant win game that takes you to the bottom of the sea.

You must spin the wheel to collect symbols, and you need to match those symbols to unlock the lock beyond. If you can do this, you get to go to Cashlantis and possibly win some amazing prizes, too. The cash prizes range from very small ones to huge ones, so there is a good chance you might secure something if you have a few goes at the game.

With thousands to be won if you get lucky, you might well remember the day you played Cashlantis. And since the game has been well-designed, you may enjoy the experience anyway. Why not check it out if you are looking for a change to the usual slots you would play?