Three Video Slots Now Available at Betway

There are three new slots games at BetwayCasino that is sure to provide delightful fun. These slots games are a triplet of Video Slots known as So Much Sushi, So Many Monsters and So Much Candy. The format for these slot games are allows Red Flush Casino to release more than one game at a time. The great thing is that this trio is from Microgaming and they are worth playing.

About the New Games

The three new slot games at Red Flush Casino has a different theme. There is however, a 5x3 reel and 25 paylines. Each of these trio of slots games does have a nonprogressive jackpot. Wild, scatters and free spins are waiting to be won while playing So Much Sushi, So Much Candy and So Many Monsters slots game online. A bonus game feature is included for each to help add fun, but also to be used as a way to really increase your winnings.

How Wins Are Calculated

The Scatter symbol for this trio of games at Betway Casino will be used to replace the wild symbols. This will then payout the winning combination. The wild symbol can substitute on the reels. It will payout with a combination and the amount of winnings received is the equivalent of the wager multiplied by number of paylines.