Pirate's Cove Slots

Pirates have fascinated people throughout the centuries, they roam the high seas looking for opportunities to rob ships that are innocently traveling from one destination to another. Many a sailor started as a cabin boy on a pirate ship and worked their way up to position of power on a ship.

Play and symbols

Placing you bets on the twenty paylines is easy the are buttons with +/- which you can increase or decrease your bet, starting with one cent you can increase the multiplier from 0.01 to 0.10 to 1.00 so the minimum bet is 0.20c on a lines, increase the bet per line from 0.01 to $10.00 per line and you can put a maximum bet of $200, very nice for the high rollers. All playing is done of five reels.

The symbols that spin are a Red Parrot, a bemused looking cabin Boy, the Wrench with a cheeky grin, the Gold coin, the Captain’s Hook, the Pirate Flag, a Gun, a skull with Ruby eyes, and the black Slave Trader, a Cannon, a Sailing Ship and Treasure Chest.

The Wild, Scatter and the Bonus Rounds

The wild is the big black cannon though a big machine it gently does a substitution with two other symbols making it three and creating a winning combinations. If there appears five on the reels then a payout of 5,000 coins is given.

Three or more of the Sailing Ship Scatters will trigger the Free Spins feature, the new screen with be shown with three or more sailing ships depending on how many ships trigger this fee spin feature. Choose one up to three ships to reveal the number of spins, this can be quite generous from three spins up to 45 spins, the payouts can also be Paleogene depending on your betting amount.

The bonus round will be triggered by thee or more of the Treasure Chests, once again a new screen appears and you will find a pile of gold with different objects on this pile, choose the number of objects depending on the number of Chests that trigger it. Your cash prize will be dug up and you will be awarded, for a 4.00 bet I got 200 coins! I was very surprised. You can be awarded up to 20,000 coins

Set the game to autoplay with the button on the top right of the screen, the small icon next to the email icon. You can also take a risk and gamble your wins, after any win the gamble button comes on, click it and chose a color or suit card, color awards double and suit awards 4x.

I enjoyed this game it was fun, love how it increased my bankroll.