Ghost Ship Slots

Ayeh! The lost ship of the 7 seas has emerged from the Deep blue to haunt the Caribbean once more. Inside its ghostly bowels treasures of all kinds lay hidden and only those brave enough to board the ship will be granted its riches. Join the adventure of the Ghost Ship, another RTG game that can be played both on desktop and mobile devices.

But beware sailor, the Ghost Captain Wild and Ghost Ship Scatter are the keys to the treasure. Find them and your riches will multiply! Another cool feature of the Ghost Ship is that it pays on any direction which makes it easier to win, most slot games only pay left to right. Your treasure will be a daily jackpot of $200 and a major of over $1,000. So what are you waiting for to get those reels spinning?

How to play

Select the number of lines you wish to play, you will find 5 reels with 25 paylines and how much you want to wager per line. The max bet is 25,000 times and you might consider taking the plunge as Ghost Ship has fame for paying high. Your coins are always multiplied by the number of lines you select, if you want to bet 50 coins then select a bet of 10 coins per line and all of the 5 lines. This enhances you're the chances of winning big.

Slot games become a Little stale after a while, that is when you might consider using the auto spin feature to go take a piss, something to eat or chat for a while. The auto spin can be configured to spin a certain number of consecutive spins going all the way to 100 on a fix amount of coins. Pro slot users usually use the auto spin feature some point in their game.


Ghost Captain Wild: The ghost captain will be your joker, it replaces any other symbol from the reel allowing to win more often and trigger the bonus stage. The only symbol it does not replace is the ghost ship.

Ghost Ship Scatter: The Ghost Ship is just as powerful as it pays in any direction and trigger the free spins. The Ghost Ship is the real money maker of this game. To activate the free spins you will need three or more Ghost Ships.

The rest of the symbols involve a siren, a canyon and the usual slot letters and symbols. The first pay out more.

Bonus Game

Ghost Ship Slots does not have a free bonus animated round like other slots, the free spins are the bonus round. To activate you will need three or more scatter symbols which are the Ghost Ship. Get 4 or more and your free spins will pay double or 10x more! Free spin wins tend to pay larger than normal spins and it is not unusual to gain more free spins during the bonus round as scatters symbols come out more often by replacing the Ghost Captain. At the end of the bonus round the winnings will be added to your prize pool.

Note: How much you win per every free spin depends on the wager amount at the moment of hitting the bonus round. So always try to bet big, it will pay off better than betting small which will reduce your leverage during lucky strikes.

Ghost Ship Jackpots

There are two progressive jackpots on Ghost Ship. A minor jackpot that resets at $250 every day as it is triggered and will accumulate to a couple thousand dollars. Returning players tend to win this one.

The large jackpot resets at $1,000 dollars and can blow up on any spin worth tens of thousands of dollars. While the small jackpot can be won on any bet and spin you will need to bet all 5 lines to be eligible for the big one.

Play on Mobile

Ghost Ship can be played on any mobile device, Android or iOS. Most online casinos that work with RTG are mobile friendly and will adapt to any screen size, no matter if it is a phone or tablet. The game can be played directly on the RTG flash platforms, just access the game through your online casino and search for "Ghost Ship."

The game can also be downloaded on your PC by installing the RTG gaming platform, although Ghost Ship does not require players to do so.