Ten Times Wins

If you have a thing for classic slots, the Ten Times Wins game from Rival Gaming might be just what you’re looking for. This packs in just three reels and goes for the typical collection of cherries, fruits and bar symbols to create a classic vibe.

The game looks glossier than your usual three-reel slot though, and it isn’t designed to look like a one-armed bandit in the casino. Your paytable is to the right of the reels, however, so in that respect everything appears on the one screen as you’d expect it to.

Since the title is Ten Times Wins, you’d expect that to be relevant – and it is. The game has a 10x symbol that is by far the biggest winner of the lot. If you get three 10x symbols on a payline, you get to win the top prize. This would be 5,000 coins if you had three coins placed on that line. So, how many coins will you wager per spin on Ten Times Wins?