Asgard Slots

We’ve seen many appearances of the Greek gods in slot games, but perhaps not so many from the Norse gods. All that is set to change with this exciting game from RTG though. This game presents you with many of the best-known gods from this section of mythology. From Odin to Thor, and even Odin’s wife Frigg, you will soon learn everything there is to know about the might of the Norse gods.

But is this a mere learning experience? No – RTG has made sure you will enjoy every moment of spinning the reels in the Asgard slot.

What should you expect when you play the Asgard slot game?

You can guarantee you’ll be met with the same high-quality appearance, gameplay, and potential for great prizes as you would be if you played any other RealTime Gaming slot. The slick appearance of the game lures you in, and you’ll want to know more about Asgard and the mythology of the Norse gods.

What can you bet on this slot game?

You will be faced with lots of coin values in the Asgard slot game. These will be easily chosen using the controls at the bottom of the reels. You must simply select the coin to play on each line, and you can then work out your total bet for the spin.

How can you play the RTG Asgard slot game?

You’ll be delighted to hear you’ve got lots of opportunities to access this game. You can settle down at your computer to play it, whether that is a desktop or laptop device. Choose from free download or Flash instant play versions, available at lots of RTG casinos.

Conversely, if you’d rather play a mobile version of the game you can do that too. It doesn’t matter whether you have an iPhone or iPad, or an Android device, the game should play just fine on all those and more.

Be sure to download and play Asgard slots today

With the promise of free spins with the aid of enough scatters, and perhaps a wild icon to help you along the way to some bigger wins as well, you never know what is coming next when you face the power of the Norse gods.

Every element of Asgard slots looks so good, and you will find it is easy and enjoyable to play this game, with or without the soundtrack. See if this could be a winner for you.