Ultimate 10x Wild Slots

Ultimate 10x Wild is a thrilling name for a slot game, and as you will see, it delivers an exciting gaming experience for anyone who loves traditional slot games. But this slot delivers a big twist on the word ‘traditional’, so let’s find out more about it below.

How many reels and paylines are presented in this slot?

This is as simple as things get with an online slot, as you have three reels and one payline to focus on. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a basic game, though – it’s nothing of the sort.

How much can you bet on Ultimate 10x Wild?

You can get started from just one cent per coin, or head up through the values to reach a $5 maximum. It is also possible to place one, two, or three coins on the payline with each spin. This will affect your winnings whenever you get a successful combination on the reels.

What are the most important symbols used in this game?

You have two wild icons in the game – a 3x wild and a 10x wild. If you get a 3x wild as part of a winning line, your usual prize will be multiplied by three. And as you might now guess, a winning line completed by a 10x wild will boost the usual prize by ten times!

It does get even better, though, because a prize combo featuring two 10x multipliers triggers a great win. That’s because the two multipliers are multiplied together, giving you a massive 100x multiplier on your prize for that line.

What about the progressive jackpot?

This is one of the coolest features of Ultimate 10x Wild slots. The progressive pot can be triggered after any paid spin, which means you never know when it might pay out. Watch closely, though, because when it reaches the $10,000 mark, there is a very good chance it will pay out imminently. If you’re playing at that point, you never know… the lucky winner of that pot could be you!

Download and enjoy playing the Ultimate 10x Wild slot today!

You can easily see why this slot game is among the best around today. With a progressive pot to win and two superb multipliers included as well, this is no ordinary three-reel game. Traditional it may be, but only up to a point – beyond that, things get very exciting!