Space Traders Slots

As you might guess from the title, the characters in the Space Traders slot are hard at work scavenging for goodies they find floating in space. You’ll be scavenging for prizes if you play this slot, but first, you should check out how it works. This game from Revolver Gaming is a little different from anything else you might have already tried – and that’s a good thing!

Reels and win lines

The game is presented in 3D with a 3 x 3 grid visible during play. Would you be surprised if we told you there were nine reels and zero paylines, though? Each icon appears in the 3 x 3 grid on its own reel. It takes some getting used to, but it’s a cool game.

Coin values to choose from

You’ll find a few good coins to go with here, and the game has been designed to be affordable for most players to try out.

Space Traders special symbols to look for

Every spin you play will see a random symbol chosen as the Lucky Symbol. The idea is to spin the nine reels to see if you can find three Lucky Symbols in that spin. If you do, they will lock in place. Then, all the remaining reels spin again for free, and if more Lucky icons show up, those lock too.

These free respins only end when you get one spin without any new Lucky Symbols appearing in it. Once that is the case, you will receive a prize for the total amount of Lucky Symbols you secured. Better still, the prize is multiplied by 2x, meaning you’ll win more still.

Can you expect to play a bonus feature or two?

You can, and it is called the Space Junk feature. This takes you to a screen where the characters will show you an assortment of items – all space junk, of course. Mind you, these items could be profitable – worth between 10 and 800 credits each. Choose wisely, select items from three different collections, and see how much you can win from this engaging bonus feature.

Download and play Space Traders now – it’s out of this world!

If you have tried a few other Revolver Gaming titles, you might recognize the no-payline format in action here. If not, check out their other games too, because Space Traders is just one of many entertaining games they can offer.