Independence Day Slots

The name of this game is Independence Day, and before you ask, it has nothing to do with Jeff Goldblum destroying an advanced alien culture using nothing more than a MacBook. No, this video slot is a celebration of everything that makes America great - its history and its culture.

Independence Day is crammed to bursting point with American icons: George Washington, the Declaration of Independence, the White House - and it's backed up with a soundtrack that's every bit as proud of where it comes from.

Feeling nationalistic? Play Independence Day today at Liberty Slots - you can download their software without paying a cent. Even if you're not from America, it's hard to argue with the top jackpot prize of $100,000.

I Pledge Allegiance

Independence Day is an easy game to play. Start off by deciding how big you want your virtual coins to be - they can be set anywhere between $0.10 and $10, depending on how lucky you're feeling on the day.

Make a bet and spin the reels - and it's a combination of matching symbols lines up on the pay line, you'll win a multiple of whatever your original bet was. Increase the size of your drag net by adding extra pay lines to pick up combos that form up outside of the centre line. Independence Day allows for up to 20 active pay lines. Bear in mind that each new pay line requires an extra bet, but it also drastically increases your chances of hitting a winning combo.

Oh Say Can You See

Independence Day is a beautiful game to look at - there are just so many unique symbols in play, and no padding whatsoever. Down the bottom end of the paying order is the Liberty Bell and the White House, both worth 50 coins each. Next, the American Eagle and Uncle Sam raise the game with 100 coin pots. They're followed by America itself, the Statue of Liberty, a big Cannon and the Fourth of July logo. George Washington is the game's top symbol, worth a whopping 10,000 coins (which is $100,000 on maximum bet). He's also a Wild symbol, a generic that can act as any other symbol to complete a pay line combo.

Proud Bonuses

Ricky Ross, the woman credited with sewing the first American flag, acts as a Scatter symbol - three or more of her appearing anywhere on the reels will launch a bonus feature where you can win 10 free spins of the reels!