Swept Away Slots

Swept Away is a light hearted video slot that takes place on a desert island. The theme is that you've washed ashore, probably after escaping a sinking cruise ship, and you're stranded out there, waiting to get rescued. What's interesting about Swept Away is that it features a Scatter symbol, something that you'd normally only find in five reel games, yet it still has only one pay line. This makes it really easy to hit a win, and probably explains its popularity. Get Swept Away by playing this game yourself at Liberty Slots Casino, one of the top gambling venues on the Internet. Although they do offer a free download version, you can play right there in your web browser without downloading a thing.

How to Get Stranded on a Desert Island

Swept Away is a very simple game to play because it's based on the standard three reel one armed bandit. The game is short on complexity, and big on winnings. In the top right of the display window you can see the three reels covered with symbols. Place your bet anywhere between one cent and $10, choose single, double or triple bet, and hit the big round Spin button to get the reels moving. You will win money if you can get the symbols to line up with each other when they come to rest. The amount you win is relative to the amount you bet: bigger bets yield bigger wins.

At Least the View is Nice

There are only five different symbols in the game, making it quite easy to trigger a win. The Swept Away logo is the game's Scatter symbol, triggering a payout anytime it lands on the pay line. The game figures single, double and triple SOS signs, which substitute for the traditional Bars. The fifth logo is a roaring fire. There is a sixth logo in the form of a rubber dinghy, but it's not worth anything.

Getting the Most Out of the Island Experience

In terms of winning, the Scatter symbol is your friend. One interesting feature that this game has is that the top combo is three Swept Away logos on the payline, for a max payout of $40,000. But if three Swept Away logos are simply visible on-screen, even if none of them is on the pay line, you will trigger a win of up to $10,000! To get the most of the game, it's worth playing it on more than one coin. For example, the top jackpot is worth $10,000 on a single coin bet, but $25,000 on a double coin bet. If you push it to 3 coins, you'll clear more than $40,000 on a top jackpot win!