X Marks the Spot Slots

Ahoy Mates! Come on board and play X Marks the Spot Slots, an exciting and fast-paced pirate-themed slot game that offers you the opportunity to dig for treasure while, at the same time, accumulating massive sums of gold with every spin of the reels. The imaginative and vivid symbols will be your key to success as you cast off with an unsavory crew to seek fortune in distant lands. So don your pirate'€™s hat and join Liberty Slots Casino for a voyage of a lifetime!

X Marks the Spot Slots: Game Facts

X Marks the Spot is a 5-reel, 20-payline bonus video slot game offering 39 winning combinations. The jackpot is 4000 coins, and the coin size ranges from $.01 to $10. The maximum bet is $200 per spin. The Pirate is the wild symbol, and the Cannon is the scatter symbol. There are two bonus features: A free spins bonus on the reels during regular play, and a bonus game that is cleverly animated. To receive the 15 free spins during regular play, you need to get 3 cannon symbols. To activate the Treasure Hunt Bonus game, you need to get the Bonus Map symbol on reels 1, 3, and 5.

X Marks the Spot: The Object of the Game

Once you have activated the bonus round, you will be given 3 chances to accumulate large sums of money by choosing the spot on 3 maps where you think the hidden treasure is buried. All spots are marked with an X.

X Marks the Spot: The Symbols

Playing X Marks the Spot is easy when you understand the rules and the winning combinations. This requires that you read the Paytable and Rules before you begin. Especially significant is the rules page where you will learn about these important symbols: the wild, the scatter, the bonus, and the free spins round. The wild symbol is the Pirate. He substitutes for all symbols except the Treasure Map Bonus Symbol and the Scatter symbol (the cannon). The cannon is the scatter symbol, and when two or more cannons appear on any reels, it will generate a payout. Scatter wins are multiplied by the total bet amount. When the Treasure Map Bonus Symbol appears on reels 1-3-5, the bonus round is activated. To trigger the free spins round, 3 or more cannon symbols have to appear anywhere on the reels. The other symbols that will pay out handsomely in this game are: the Lady Pirate, Jolly Roger Flag, Parrot, Monkey, Hooked Hand, Chest of Rum, Treasure Chest, and Ship. The winning combinations for these symbols can be found in the paytable.

The Ins and Outs of X Marks the Spot Slots

There are several buttons featured on X Marks the Spot Slots that are significant. The Bet One button allows you to increase the number of coins being bet one at a time. Each coin selected will correspond to a pay-line being enabled. When the maximum number of coins is reached, the count re-starts from one. Each time you press this button, a coin will be bet and a pay-line will become enabled. The Bet Max button allows you bet the maximum number of pay-lines allowed by the game, and starts the reels spinning. Once this button is pressed, a coin bet is placed on each and every pay-line and reels will automatically start to spin. The Spin button allows you to start the game. The Stop Spin button allows you to stop the spinning reels. This button is useful in case you do not want to wait for the reels to finish spinning and want to see your result quickly. The AutoPlay button launches the AutoPlay menu. You can select various AutoPlay options available and click the Start button within this menu to start the AutoPlay feature. The Paytable button launches the Paytable. It is highly advisable that you read both the paytable and rules page so that you know what the winning combinations are and what the various wild, scatter, free spins, and bonus symbols mean.

The Free Spins Round

In order to trigger the Free Spins Round, you need to get 3 or more Cannon symbols. But the cannon symbol, also known as the scatter symbol, will also pay out double your bet ($400 when betting the max of $200) if only two appear anywhere on the reels. When the free spins round begins, all winnings are tripled! In addition, if you should happen to get 3 scatter symbols during the free spins round, you can receive another 15 free spins. The free spins round is where you can accumulate large sums of money! There is a message box at the bottom of the reels that will display and keep track of the free spins.

How to Launch and Play the Bonus Round

When you get the Treasure Map Bonus symbol on reels 1, 3, and 5, the bonus round is activated. Once the Bonus Round animated introduction is finished, a Treasure Map with eight X symbols will appear on the screen. The Pirate will be positioned in the centre of the screen and you can guide him to one of the eight locations to search for a treasure. You can send the pirate to dig by clicking on one of the X locations on the map. An animation will be played showing the pirate's walk and dig. The pirate will always uncover treasure at every dig. In levels two and three of the Bonus Round, the pirate will have a choice of three locations to dig. The game ends when the player finishes all of their digs. At this point you will be presented with an option to trade your treasure for a key to the golden chest. Should you decide to trade, you will obtain the key and open the chest full of gold! The amount of gold in the chest will be equal to either: half or one and a half times your original treasure amount. The final prize at the end of the Bonus Round will be added to your balance.

Join Liberty Slots Casino today and play X Marks the Spot Slots! Will the buried treasure you locate surpass the gold that is in the locked treasure box? Play today and find out!