Primapin Prepaid Phone Cards

Primapin is a safe payment system that permits anyone to use any U.S. issued Visa or MasterCard to quickly buy prepaid calling cards. These cards can also be utilized to receive equal eCash credits at certified merchants. Registration for a Primapin account is fast and simple. It requires only a few minutes to register for a free Primapin account, buy a calling card with the Visa or MasterCard, and redeem the calling card for long distance cards or eCash credits. The signup, redemption of the card for eCash credits, and redemption of the card for long distance calls is totally free. Loading the card by Visa or Mastercard requires a 3% convenience fee.

Sign Up for a Prima Pin Account

There is a small online form on the Prima Pin site under 'buy your card' tab. This requires you to supply personal information such email, first name, and last name, date of birth, social security number, password, phone number, address, city, state, and zip code. After this form is submitted, the Prima Pin username and password is quickly sent by email. Then, the user can log onto their Prima Pin account and follow the links to buy a new card or just refill an old card on the personal card purchase history page. Currently, all U.S. issued MasterCard and Visa cards are accepted. Immediately after purchase, the Prima Pin cards can be used. After the user receives the PIN/card number, the toll free number in the email from Prima Pin can be dialed. The user has to follow the instructions on the phone line.

eCash Account

The user has to load funds into the Prima Pin account. Then, the merchant's deposit page is selected. The Prima Pin method is chosen. Then, the user enters the requested transfer amount, card number (PIN), and the control number. The "make deposit" button is then clicked to finish the transaction. The funds will be quickly transferred. The cards can be used for funding the eCash account. You can also use it to make long distance calls, if there is sufficient balance. The current balance can be ascertained logging into your Prima Pin account.

After the card is purchased, it expires in six months. Alternatively, after the card is used for the first time, the time expires after 3 months. When the user logs into their Prima Pin account, the balance and account information is available. The Prima Pin site has a Purchase history page. This page reveals data regarding all the purchased cards and the current balances of these cards. Any unused time can be transferred into an eCash credit.

After establishing your Prima Pin account for the first time, the email address that is used becomes your user ID. When you sign up for a Prima Pin account, an email is sent with the password. It is recommended that you log into your Primapin account with this password only once. Then, change your password again.