Witch Hunter Slots

Few of us would want to meet a witch, so maybe it is best to familiarize ourselves with a Witch Hunter, as seen in this slot game by WMG. The mystical, magical setting in this game is appealing, for sure, and there is plenty of detail around the background. In fact, we found ourselves exploring that before we started playing the game. That’s usually a good sign, don’t you think?

The graphics used for the icons themselves are very good, too. You will some scary witches, a church, the witch hunter, and a wild statue among other things. There may be five reels involved, but the paylines are kept to the same number, so if you are working on a small budget, there is a lot to appreciate in this game.

The slot game also presents players with a chance to win through to a bonus feature. To do this, you must find three or more bonus books. These are green and feature a red gem on the front, so that makes them easy to see. The idea of the bonus is to choose a potion in the hope of achieving a successful result to fight the witch. Aside from the disappointing 90% RTP of this game, it offers quite a pleasing experience as you check it out.