Explosive Cocktail Slots

This game looks as though it should have five reels, but it only has three. It does benefit from packing in three rows of symbols though, which enable the Explosive Cocktail slot to offer you five paylines to play on.

So, what does Explosive Cocktail offer? It has an assortment of fruit – some to create a quirky cocktail with, perhaps – and some standard sevens, stars, and bars. The prizes for these are given on the paytable, and the idea is to get three of one item on a line to win a prize.

However, there is not much else going on in this game other than that. You can win prizes for filling the screen with one of four icons, as shown, but there is little else to shoot for as you play. If you like your slots to be more basic, Explosive Cocktail should be a reasonably enjoyable game to play.