Gustavo el Luchador Slots

Did you know luchador is the word given to someone who takes part in a form of wrestling called lucha libre? You don't need to know this to appreciate the fun available in Gustavo el Luchador, but it will make you realize what the theme of this slot game is all about.

This game hasn't been released yet (it is due to be released on February 13th), we have only sketchy information on what lies in store for us when we play it. We can reveal it uses the common 5 x 3 format and it features a huge guy called Gustavo, who is manhandling a small scared guy in the opening image! Where do things progress to from there, we wonder?

There are cacti, hot chilies, bells, and much more on the reels. You might also spot the little guy as the wild, a wrestling ring appearing on the free spins icon, and a bonus game icon as well. While we are unsure of the details of these elements, it is good to know they are all present and correct in this game. This looks set to be a big success, and it is not the only game to be released by Pearfiction in February either. Get ready to learn more when it is released very soon.