Two Kingdoms Slots

Spieldev has been far from idle of late. Here we have yet another title to look at in the shape of Two Kingdoms. There is perhaps the hint of these kingdoms in the image for the game too. Is that a bridge that seems to be separating them? We can only guess. One of the first things you’ll see is the presence of six reels here rather than just five. Such games are rare, so you will want to learn more about this one, we’re sure.

Better yet, the reels also have room for four icons on each. This is a busy place when each spin is completed! There are characters on these reels, and we think some are from one kingdom while others are from the second kingdom. There are shields, logs, swords, and even gold nuggets to find as well.

We won’t spoil the many surprises that await you when you give this slot a try. However, we will reveal you get to build some towers as you progress through the game. Wins are good for prizes, but they are also good for tower building! There is also a Kingdom Clash Bonus where the two kingdoms – the Ice Kingdom and the Green Kingdom – will face each other. You never know quite what might happen if you reach this round, so prepare for an experience like nothing else you’ve tried before.