Castle Pursuit Slots

You are met with three knights when you load the instant win game called Castle Pursuit. This is your chance to pick a knight to stand outside the castle walls, as you get to grips with what the game has in store. And Castle Pursuit is a good one indeed, especially if you want to switch things up a bit from the usual slot games.

You get to move around the castle and see how far you can get. There are symbols to collect, along with instant prizes to be won (of course). Look out for the tower flags, too. Just roll the dice – you get eight goes in this game – and see how far around the board you can go. With mini games built into the main game, you never know what might happen next in Castle Pursuit, and that is one of the best perks of playing.

You will see several prize amounts in the top right of the game screen. The idea is to collect the items seen next to each amount. Collect all the ones required to win a particular prize, and that prize will be yours. How far will you get in eight throws of the dice?