Crosstown Chicken Slots

Now, with a title like that, you can probably guess where this game is going to go. But seeing the game screen, created by Genesis Gaming, really gets you in the mood for a great slot. There are five reels, each designed to look like the lane of a road. Some of the icons are designed to look like vehicles. And at the side of the reels, there are some chickens… and yes, they’re waiting to get across the road safely. At least they will be – they start off as eggs. That’s just the start of what Crosstown Chicken slots can offer, and we love it so far!

There are only nine lines here, but that’s plenty for the fun you get. There is a nice bright wild icon that replaces most of the symbols used in Crosstown Chicken, but it won’t replace the crosswalk icon. This is very important, because if one appears next to a chicken, the chicken will use it to get across the next section of road.

The chickens start on the left, and they will move across the reels with the use of the crosswalks. Once they reach the casino on the right – yes, the casino – they go inside and trigger the feature associated with each chicken. You have an opportunity to enjoy Eggscalibur free spins, the Hard-Boiled Egg Wheel, and the Chicken Caesar Pick. The game offers lots of variety and entertainment, and is quite unlike anything else we’ve seen before. In fact, we wonder why no one thought of it before now – but we think Crosstown Chicken slots are going to be a massive hit.