Bingo Best Slots

Sometimes, it’s good to shake things up a bit when you’re playing some slot games. Here, we have a bingo game that lets you choose your bet amount and try to achieve some patterns that would be more familiar on a slot game than a bingo card. Bingo Best uses a 5 x 3 card that takes on the same look as a slot game, which would of course have five reels and three rows. So, you can see there are similarities here.

As you play, the task is to try and get one of the patterns shown above the bingo card. Many of these will look like a winning line on a slot game, but some are more complex than that. You can also play up to four cards at once, choosing the same bet to be placed on each. The best payout is given if you manage to cover all the numbers on a card.

When you are ready, hit the play button and watch as the balls fall out of the top center of the screen. They will fill up the lower section, in two rows, and any numbers you can match will automatically turn green on each card. Achieve a winning pattern and you will get the prize awarded for that pattern. The game is a nice twist on regular bingo, and brings in some slot game familiarities too for a winning mix.