The Hidden Temple Slots

The mere mention of a hidden temple got our curiosity pumping to find out more about this slot game. Created by Push Gaming, it doesn’t give many clues away on the loading screen, except for showing us the hint of an Oriental temple. So, that might be the theme, but what about the temple itself, and more than that, what lies within the game?

This is a strange game, as it looks more like a modern version of a one-armed bandit machine than the multiline game you may have expected. You will see three reels filled with three rows of icons, but above those, there is a screen featuring a boy walking along. The picture changes depending on what happens, and you must put medals into the slot on the right to start, just by clicking on it.

The game comes with little labeling on the buttons and so forth, so it takes a while to get the hang of what you’re supposed to do. Maybe the creators were more focused on the excellent design and graphics than on the more useful instructions and button labeling? Anyway, click the three white lines in the bottom right to discover the paytable, and some more information on the various things that can appear on the reels. Thankfully, this game has a demo version you can play for free, and this is one occasion where we would recommend that before you do anything else.