Golden Hand Slots

Plenty of slots use a traditional look and theme to reel in the players. Golden Hand is one such slot, mainly because it has three large reels that are packed with various fruits. It has a more modern appearance than many traditional three-reel games, and it isn’t designed to look like a proper casino machine. With that said, it does have some interesting features to check out.

There are five lines here, which makes it good for lower-budget players to try. Additionally, the paytable is appealing and gives you all the info you could ever need to make things clear before you play.

You might be wondering where the Golden Hand title comes in though, and we wouldn’t blame you for that. In truth, this is the best bit. The golden hand icon can appear on the middle reel and is wild. The paytable shows it replacing other icons with wilds too, as the hand points to those icons before they change. You get from one to eight other wilds on the screen depending on where the hand appears on the second reel. Pays will be awarded once it has changed the relevant symbols into wilds, which means the Golden Hand slot is capable of paying out in a big way!