Mu vs Atlantis Slots

We’re all more than familiar with the lost world of Atlantis, but who or what is Mu? Well, just as Atlantis is a lost world, and no one is quite sure whether it is real or not, Mu is also a lost continent. Did it exist? No one is certain, but here we see the two lands going head-to-head in a battle. Mu vs Atlantis slots is therefore a nice idea, and the execution works very well, too.

Firstly, you must choose which kingdom you will play with when the game begins. Once your choice is made, the game starts with six reels in play, divided into two sets of three. There are four rows involved here too, so there is a lot going on. You do get the chance to try this in demo mode first if you like, to get used to how everything works.

Mu vs Atlantis uses coins worth one cent and up for a minimum total bet of 50 cents. The game pays for successful combinations starting from the left or the right. There is a stargate here, and keys for each kingdom can be located, too. Activate accumulators in the stargate and you’ll eventually trigger the Final Battle Bonus, where the two kingdoms go head-to-head. Each side has its own wild icon, and there is a water icon that helps you get some free spins, too. The game scatter also awards scatter prizes.

It may take a short while to get used to how Mu vs Atlantis is played, but it is time worth spending, as you will see.