Crystal Heart Slots

Merkur has managed to develop some stunning slots over time, and we have another one here in the shape of Crystal Heart. We have yet to see whether this one reaches the heights of some of the others they have released, although the crisp look of the title card bodes well for what we're about to find out.

The game looks good, with 20 paylines available over five lines (although it looks like there are more lines than that when the game loads, as they're numbered on both sides of the reel set). The game has an ice queen of some description as the wild, but she is no ordinary wild. Instead, she is known as a surrounding wild. That means she will transform every adjacent symbol into a wild, too. This is why you will only ever see one queen appear in a spin.

And that's it - there are no other special features in the Crystal Heart slot game. However, with the chance of a surrounding wild appearing on every spin, you never know how lucky a single spin could be. If she does appear, and she appears near to the center, she would trigger several other wilds to appear. Moreover, if she appears on the left reel, she brings a chance to win multiple prizes. This alone makes it worth playing Crystal Heart, don't you think?