El Paso Saloon Slots

El Paso Saloon certainly made us think of a Wild West theme, and once you see the opening screen of this game, you will see we guessed correctly. With four aces poking out of the top of the wooden sign that shows the game title, and two guns beneath, you will feel right at home in the Wild West here.

We have Game360 to thank for this slot game, which uses a 5 x 3 reels format along with 25 lines to try and scoop prizes on. It also uses a deck of cards as a wild, and offers you the chance to win some free spins, not to mention the opportunity to sneak into a bonus game. Not many games provide both, so that is a big plus in favor of playing the El Paso Saloon online slot game.

The bonus sees you choosing one of five players to represent you in a hand of poker. If you achieve a good hand, you will win a prize. The better it is, the bigger the prize – just as it would be in real life. And don’t worry, you don’t need to know anything about poker to take part. Finally, the redhead is the scatter – not to mention the trigger for those free spins. Five, 10, or 15 can be won for securing three, four, or five of the scatters.