Epic Adventure Slots

The mere thought of going on an epic adventure gets us excited enough to learn more. The game here is called Epic Adventure, of course, and that means you get the chance to go on an adventure right there on your computer or mobile device. You get the chance to play on five reels here, and unusually, it doesn’t pack in lots of symbols. You will see an explorer here, and a selection of masks. Your task is to find five or more of the explorers to secure a win. Hence why the game doesn’t use any paylines, but instead works on a scatter-pays format.

But there is more to discover here as we go on this Epic Adventure slot game. The more explorers you get, the more can happen. You see, seven or more of them in one spin will reveal a free spin. Yep, just one free spin. That sounds mean, but before the spin is played, the explorers that triggered the feature will remain fixed in place. If you should find one or more other explorers in the free spin, another freebie will be granted and the additional explorers will also be held in place.

The idea is to get as many explorers as you can by the time this feature ends. If you should find 14 of them, you will secure 100x your stake for that spin. Of course, there is the opportunity to find 15 of them, i.e. one in every position on the reels. If that should happen, well done – you will win the progressive jackpot!