Fast £50 Slots

Fast cash is always a welcome possibility whenever you play an online game. So, if you manage to trigger a good prize or two here, will it bring home that amount of cash for you? The title of the game puts it firmly in the UK, and the idea of winning £50 is a nice one, since this is the rarest note you will ever see there. Few people get them, or have cause to use them.

The game shows several stacks of £50 notes, all waiting to explode. The challenge for you is to pick some stacks to try and match three identical amounts. If you manage that, you will win that amount. So, the title doesn’t come from the top prize being £50 – it comes from the fact every pile of cash is made of £50 notes. The lowest prize isn’t £50 either, it is £1 (or at least it was when we played and won £5).

This is a great game and it is quick to play as well. Fast £50 instant win means you can click on every pile of cash to see if three of them match, so there is really no need to have any rules here. And you could win as much as £8,000 too!