Almgaudi Slots

While there are many slots that have obvious titles associated with them, this is hardly one of them. If you know your German, though, you’ll know there is some fun in store here, as Almgaudi does mean ‘fun’. Does the game live up to that title, and if so, what can it offer the average slot player? Rabcat, the creator of the game, takes us into the countryside to a stunning setting we’d love to visit for real. You get a taste of what is to come as the game loads, and once that is done, you’ll see how it is presented to you. The reels – five of them, with three icons on each – are packed with typical sights you might see somewhere like the Alps. Look out for eagles, cows, beautiful flowers, window boxes… you name it, it is probably there. Some symbols pay if you get two on a line, too, which is quite unusual. Most often, though, you’ll need at least three to trigger a prize. With a chance to play from one cent per line, and 25 lines in play, it is an easy game to get to grips with. Moreover, you can also secure some free spins if things spin into place in the right way. With a chance to win a four-figure prize at the top end of things, Almgaudi could indeed be fun to play!