Juego de las Chapas Slots

We love slots, but it’s good to try something different occasionally. And believe us when we say Juego de las Chapas is different! The title comes from the real bottle-top game this instant win game is based on, so if you like that sort of thing, this is your chance to play the real version online.

Choose your coins using the arrows to the left, which allow you to scroll through the available coins. The idea is to bet on whether you think the coins will land on heads or tails in the ring, while the other players (you can see their legs on the screen), will bet on the opposite outcome.

Juego de las Chapas is a cool idea, but it is only entertaining for a short time. If you want to play something different, or choose a different title in between your slots, this could be worth a try. Other than that, we don’t think you’ll feel inspired to play for long periods. See what you think, though.