Rich for Life Slots

Wouldn’t we all? If you check out this game from Instant Win Games (a clue to the idea behind the game itself), you can see whether you could be flush with cash for a long time to come. The main prize is definitely worth a shot, because if you win it, you will receive £40k a year for life! Imagine how that would change your life, and how much better off you’d be because of it.

So, let’s look at the game. It is designed to look like a scratchcard, and it has four separate games on it. To get the top prize, you must win something and reveal the prize to be RICH, depicted in an oval. If you do that, it’s time to celebrate!

Of course, there are other prizes to be had too, and clear instructions under each mini game tell you what you must get to win. You could end up with a nice chunk of cash even if you don’t manage to get the top prize. You never know unless you try it for real, so let’s see if Rich for Life could describe your life very soon.