Firefly Keno Slots

Most casino players have heard of keno, even if they don’t play it. So, is this game appealing enough to be worth a try, even if you don’t usually play it? It has been designed with an Asian theme, so you see each number appearing on a Chinese lantern. The game looks good, but it is very different from any slot games you might have seen that are based around a Chinese theme.

Firefly Keno has nice graphics, and we suspect any players who regularly play keno will enjoy this one as well. However, be aware the minimum RTP is a mere 87.50%. To go higher, to the average figure of 92.84% RTP, you must place more bets. The name of the game is to match one or more numbers from your selection to the numbers that are drawn. Will you manage this in Firefly Keno? In our view, you might enjoy a game or two of this, but if you are more used to playing complex slots with multiple features, this won’t be the game for you.