Slot Monsters Slots

Plenty of slot games feature monsters, but some of them look friendlier than others. The good news is the monsters in this game from Parlay Games look very odd but ultimately harmless, so you can get on with playing and not be too concerned about the fright level of the game!

The fluffy and funny monsters appear in various guises on the reels, and with 20 paylines for them to appear on, there is a reasonable chance of picking up some prizes with each spin. The wild is a funny little purple monster, but it is also clearly labeled to make it easier to see. The game also has winning multipliers in action, which means the base amount of x1 goes up by one whenever you get more than one winning line in a row.

For example, get one win and you win that prize as usual. The next spin would secure a x2 multiplier for a successful win, while three in a row means a x3 multiplier for the third prize, and so on up to x5. There is nothing earth-shattering about this game, but since Slot Monsters has a progressive jackpot that could be awarded at any random moment, it is worth a shot to see how lucky you could get.