The Game of Chronos Eagle Slots

Some slot game titles are dripping with drama, and this is one of them. Coming from R Franco, this game looks the part for sure, boasting cool, crisp graphics and some serious-looking characters. You will spot four rows on the five reels too, so that helps you put together more winning lines - if you're lucky. There are 40 lines, though, so you might see more than one win on a spin.

The Game of Chronos Eagle is packed with drama and precious symbols. It does use the playing card icons, but it opts to include the suits rather than the ace, queen, and king ones you will usually see. While the game looks superb, there are fewer extra features than you might expect. So, if you are ready for something that looks wonderful, this will be worth a try.

However, if you tend to prefer slot games with lots of unusual features, The Game of Chronos Eagle may not suffice. Give it a try in freeplay mode to see what you think, and you can go from there.