Fortuna 18

That will be the first question that pops up when you see that title, but once it loads you will see you have a game based on a wheel. The game is a little odd to look at - it is certainly not a slot - and is based more on roulette than anything else. You must choose your bets and play the game while watching the indicator around the center number until it completes its circuit.

Fortuna 18 is definitely a game where a good read of the instructions is necessary before you begin. You can play for fun if you like, and we wouldn't recommend you do anything else to start with. You can choose from red, yellow, and purple sectors, as well as opting for other things, such as odd or even results. In that respect, it is a lot like roulette.

You will see that Fortuna 18 looks nothing like the familiar table game though, so make sure you are ready to play and you have a chance to play through at least one betting period when you do.