Goddess of the Moon

There are lots of slot games available that have been inspired by an Asian theme, and if you like this theme, you won’t be disappointed to learn Goddess of the Moon uses it, too. The game screen has a dreamlike appearance to it, and this is very detailed and yet quite calming to watch as you play.

The moon acts as the backdrop within the night sky here, and the goddess of the title is presented on the left-hand side. You will also see various curious symbols on the five reels, including a white rabbit and some warrior figures. If you do hit a huge prize while playing, a message will pop up to tell you so, which is a nice way to celebrate. Watch for the gold coins to pop out of the screen towards you, too!

This game also offers free spins and multipliers alongside the usual spins and prizes, so it has the potential to be a much-loved game, especially if you do hit some nice prizes. Will the Goddess of the Moon watch over a nice prize or two for you?