Legend of the Pharaohs

Finding a slot game based on ancient Egyptian legends and history is not hard. It’s easy, in fact, and we’ve got one for you right here, too. Legend of the Pharaohs features a free spin bonus icon that looks exactly like a pyramid, and the promise of further bonus games hiding within those free spins, too.

Since this game comes from Barcrest, you can expect to find their Big Bet feature available, too. This gives you a chance to play with a larger bet to receive sticky symbols and the potential to unlock the Pharaoh bonus as well, which makes the game even more interesting.

The colorful screen is backlit in dark blue, and that makes the golden pillars, laden with Egyptian hieroglyphics, easier to see. There is an easy wild symbol in gold and other colors, and the game logo is the biggest single payer. If you find at least three of the pyramid icons, you’ll win 10 free spins, with the number of triggering icons determining the bonus features available. It seems as if the Legend of the Pharaohs could become a legend in its own way, too.