Monopoly Mega Movers Slots

Monopoly was always going to be a good topic for a slot game. We’ve now seen a few Monopoly slots around, and we’ve got news of another one here too. Developed by SG, it has the famous Monopoly character on the title screen, along with a golden penguin and a golden dinosaur. Hmm, does that provide a clue or two to what awaits us here?

The game is bigger than you think, with five reels and four rows present instead of the typical three. These are filled with the silver game pieces, plus the golden elements we mentioned earlier, and the famous man himself. You will see three in a row, four in a row, and five in a row wheels at the top of the reels as well. These can be spun if you get the chance to do so. There are various things that could be won if you get to do this, including free spins, random wilds, and upgrades to spin other wheels. You also get the opportunity to try and land on one of the jackpot amounts.

Monopoly Mega Movers is one of those games you really must try – at least in demo mode – to figure out all the features that are present. This is a big game and we think it will be a huge hit. Monopoly lovers will like it, for sure, and the chance to spin wheels and shoot for jackpot amounts is irresistible!