Pagoda of Fortune Slots

The mention of a pagoda tells us something about this game, wouldn’t you say? The pagoda itself is shown in all its glory on the opening screen, with cherry blossoms and a waterfall nearby, too. This sets the scene for the game to come, but will it be just as impressive when you see the game that has been created by BF Games?

There is a standard 5 x 3 format used here, but instead of paylines they’ve gone for 243 betways. That means you need only choose your total bet whenever you want to take the game for a spin. The reels are almost invisible, separated by faint lines, and they appear over a stunning background.

The best bit about Pagoda of Fortune is the twin-reel feature. Maybe you’ve encountered this in other slots, too. Every spin you make sees two adjacent reels spinning together. Think of it like cloning – whatever appears on one reel will appear on the other, too. And better still, you might get more than two adjacent reels doing this – possibly up to all five. When this happens, you get a greater chance of securing some prizes from that spin. And since this happens on every spin, you will always be watching to see whether the Pagoda of Fortune could trigger a fortune for you.