Snow Wild and the 7 Features Slots

Now this title is one we like the look of! Clearly, we are talking about Snow White here, and this is a play on that classic fairy tale. The image associated with this new slot is of Snow Wild herself, holding an apple that has a chunk taken out of it. This has some changes from the original fairy tale though… not least because Snow Wild seems to be wild, with tattoos on show!

If you can get behind that, you have an opportunity to play this game when it is released in late November or early December 2017. We believe the game will have 20 paylines, but it looks set to provide us with five reels, each with three rows in play. That provides lots of opportunities to secure some winning combinations if you are fortunate to have luck on your side.

Since this is a forthcoming release, we must wait to see what the seven features included in the game will give us. Can we expect lots of winning chances and variety in this slot? We think so, but until we play Snow Wild and the 7 Features for real, we must wait and imagine what might lie in store for us.