3 Blind Mice

We all know the nursery rhyme, and here we get a chance to find out how the three blind mice will figure in the slot. It begins with a great opening scene in 3D - don't click past it as it's worth watching! It sets up the slot nicely, too.

The game delivers so many features, it might take a few demo spins to get used to how everything works. This is one slot game that is hard to avoid playing real bets on though, because it has so much to offer. For example, a cheese icon next to a mouse creates a cheese wild. There are also no fewer than eight - yes, EIGHT - special bonuses you could find in 3 Blind Mice slots. These include a Farmer's Wife Wild, a Whack-a-Mouse bonus, and a Big Cheese Trail bonus.

With lots of fun to be had over five reels and 20 lines, 3 Blind Mice will be watching your progress as you try to win prizes and access those special features. It is very difficult to resist the fun and games available in this online slot game!