Red Seven Ultra Slots

If you know about Zeus Play, you may already be familiar with their Red Seven series of slot games. Now, we have yet another variation to look at, and this one comes in the shape of the Red Seven Ultra game. So, is this better than the others, and does it have some different things to offer?

Well, for starters, it has a basic look, although it’s colorful, and it features lots of fruit on the five reels it makes available for you to spin. There are 10 lines, too, so you have a chance to win several times over in a single spin.

The paytable reveals the usual mix of fruit and their respective prizes, and the green star on a red circle is a scatter icon. But… that’s it. There is no wild here to make winning things easier. The Ultra part of the title doesn’t appear to do much other than to differentiate this slot from others in the collection. What do you think? Would you play Red Seven Ultra or go for another title from Zeus Play instead?