What Are People Winning at Lincoln Casino?

Do you ever wonder whether any players are scooping some big prizes at online casinos? We know they are, of course, and occasionally we hear news of someone who has managed to score one of the big progressive jackpots that are available to try and win every day.

But some casinos make it far easier than others for us to see what people are winning. Lincoln Casino is one of them, and it's useful to know where you can get this info - as well as how useful it could be for you to read it.

The latest winners are displayed on the home page

Scroll down a way and you'll see a slowly-moving line of information headed 'recent winners'. These are the people who have scored some major prizes playing their favorite games at Lincoln Casino recently. You get their first name and last initial, but it is the other information here that is far more interesting.

Discover which games have paid dividends to these players recently

The great thing about reading the news about these winners is that you get to see which games they were playing. You will also see how much each person won. For example, we visited the site and found one player had won $3,280.50 playing Mega Money Mine. Another had scooped $1,764 on the Hot Roller Slots slot game. A third player had won $1,716.55 playing Funky Chicks Slots . Someone else had a Cash Grab Slots of their own, winning $1,712 on the Cash Grab slot.

There are plenty more winners scrolling along right now if you visit Lincoln Casino. Check them out for yourself and you'll see which games are paying out and how much each player has won.

How can this information help you?

It is important to recognize the winners, the amounts they won, and which games they won on won't be an indication of where you might win some nice prizes. However, you might think the big payouts won't happen again on these games for a while. Conversely, you might decide to try some games where the luck has been flowing recently. Maybe that luck could rub off on you as you play. You never know.

It's good to see others have been successful at the very casino you are looking to play games at though. If you want to know who's winning at Lincoln Casino, you now know how to do it.