Hot 7s Slots

Some slots might seem too hot to handle, but is Hot 7's one of them? You can find out by playing this slot now, and if you like traditional slots involving three reels, this will be the one to check out. This is a single-line slot, as you might guess, and it also provides you with lots of classic symbols. Would it surprise you to learn one of those symbols is a hot number seven?

This Hot 7 is the key to triggering the big prize. Now, you can play one or more coins on the payline here, and we would recommend going for a lower-value coin so you can bet the largest number available, which is five. Do this, and you will win the jackpot if you manage to get three triple sevens on the payline. Yes, there are several versions of that lucky number around, so look at the paytable to familiarize yourself with them.

Hot 7s is a good game to try, particularly as the top prizes are quite big. You could win 1,500 coins for the top prize on a single-coin bet, while four coins would increase that prize to 6,000 coins. However, the five-coin prize is a progressive jackpot… and that's what we all like to hear.