Zombie FC Slots

Zombie FC – isn’t that a strange name for a football club? Thankfully, it is not a real one, since we wouldn’t be interested in learning about a team made of zombies. This is a slot game using a mix of themes to tempt us, with football clashing with zombies to give us something truly different. Are you ready to find out if this is a football team you would root for?

Which slot game developer created Zombie FC slots?

This is a Bovada slot, so you will discover how it all works if you visit their casino.

Demo play is provided

This is something the game has in common with many other great games at Bovada. It means you can see how everything pans out prior to deciding if this is a good game to play.

A mix of themes

We already know this one is putting zombies together with football. Some players will like one or both those themes. We guess it is better if you like both, but you should check the practice version to see how it plays out on the reels. It might surprise you.

What do we know about the game design?

The game is in a stadium, and of course the team members are zombies. The crowd is too far away in the stands for us to see if they are zombies too. The overcast look of the game suits the theme nicely, and you get the feeling everything – and everyone – could fall to bits at any moment!

Facts about this game you should know before you play

The game offers us five reels, each adopting three icons to appear on each spin. We cannot hope to score a progressive jackpot prize, since none are involved in this game. There are some neat elements built into the game though, so don’t assume there is nothing to enjoy here.

The game does include a wild… and it comes in the shape of one of those zombies. It also expands to fill its reel, giving you even more chances of a wild prize or two. Another wild appears in the game as a football, although it is restricted to reels three through to five.

Meanwhile, free games can be accessed with the aid of the blood-stained football trophy. Another icon shows only some blood, yet this is useful too. It is the Tumbling Reels symbol – more about that shortly.

How many paylines does Zombie FC have?

None. Instead, we have an all-ways pays slot, which with five reels means we get 243 ways to get prizes.

Betting options?

All-ways pays slots allow one spin bet to be chosen for each go. The range in this slot is quite broad, going from 50 cents to $100. Most players should find something suitable inside that range. See whether the bets suit your budget prior to playing. Remember, 50 cents per spin is as low as you can go.

Paytable details

Everything you would need to know about Zombie FC prior to play is included inside the paytable. Therefore, we would suggest you read through it briefly before you get started.

Does Zombie FC include a bonus round?

No, but you do get the chance to trigger the Tumbling Reels feature. The drop of blood must appear in the same spin as a prize-winning combination. If this occurs, the winning icons disappear, and new ones will tumble into view from above. This gives you another opportunity to get a prize if another successful combo should replace the original one.

Free spins come with the help of the trophy

Three trophies all covered with blood are enough to warrant some free games. These come with a multiplier involved too – one that will vary depending on how fortunate you are. Let’s hope you snag the biggest one of all… 14x anything you win!

Do we know the game RTP?

Not yet, but we suspect this will become apparent soon.

Should you be a football fan to rate this game highly?

It would help, and we guess zombie fans would rate it more highly too. However, our score is 8 out of 10, as we think it has some pleasing features involved.

Has anyone won any notable prizes yet?

We haven’t heard of anything, but we may never do so because the game does not have a progressive prize available. We suggest you review the paytable before playing though, so you can see which prizes are given for each combination that could potentially occur.

Will you start with the practice version of the game?

Perhaps you should. This is the version that is easiest to enjoy and participate in. You can figure out how everything works and whether there is enough here to persuade you to switch to a few real bets instead.

Play for real whenever you are ready

You’ll need to be a signed-in member of your chosen site for this to work. However, if you like what you see in the demo of Zombie FC, you can check out the available bets against your budget to see how you do and whether you want to go ahead.

All this and the chance for some mobile play too

Yes, zombies will appear on your chosen Android, iOS, or Windows device if you would rather see them on a smaller screen. This gives you the freedom to play the game however you wish.